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Generator repairing

Repairing and Servicing of Diesel Generators ranging from 2.7 kva to1000 kva of Any brand and model. Caterpillar, cummins, perkins are the most common brands but we are experts in any generator model repairing.(incuding chinese brands). Give us a call and our technicians will be there at our earliest as Generator is something you need in an emergency.

Compressor repairing

Repairing and Servicing of Screw type Air Compressors ranging from 2CFM to 54 CFM of any brand and model. IngesollRand, Boge, Compare, Hydrovane are the most common brands but we are expertized in any air compressor brand. Service agreements can be made for Frequent visiting and inspections. Give us a call for any repairing work of compressor.

Electric panels

Repairing, Troubleshooting of industrial electrical panels and designing of electric panels for new installations. Designing and repairing of DOL starters, Sub distribution boards, Motor control panels, change over panels, lighting panels, etc. Electrical panels designing can be done according the clients’ requirements or according to the wiring diagram given by the clients.

Capacitor bank

Capacitor bank servicing, repairing and improving for power factor correction. Analyse the capacitor bank panel and we’ll give you the estimate for power factor correction (to 0.99 ). Service contracts can be made for annual and frequent services and inspections.

3 phase wiring

Single phase or three phase wiring for any building or to any machine. Wiring can be done according to the given diagram or according to the request made by the client. We’ll design the wiring path when the diagram is not given. For new machine installations, we’ll do the wiring for you within the shortest period of time. This includes bulb wiring also.

Hydraulic controls

Repairing of hydraulic machines, boiler control systems, motor controls. Give us a call and our technicians will be there immediately for the inspection.

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Welcome to Cleen Engineering

Cleen Engineering is a Startup Company which is onto Industrial Electrical Services With Low cost & Greater quality. We always operate with the purpose of supplying Services to our customers While engaging in the best practices to ensure the safety of the customers and protecting the environment. Our Service range includes:

  • Electrical panel boards
  • Capacitor Bank improvement
  • Generator Repairing
  • Single & three phase wiring
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